Inspection, completion & commissioning solution

Go paperless with CeMIC.


Image of mobile commissioning and construction software

Built for accountability & on time delivery

Improve your performance by digitizing the lenghty paperwork processes.

Digital Forms

No more prints, scan or retyping check sheets.

Defect Management

Raise, Assign and Clear punch offline with annotated photos.

Certificates Management

For a smooth handover that fits your unique workflow.

Digital Walk Down

Conduct several parties inspections, sign on-site or from the office.

Testimonial 5

“Work in the field is done in compliance with the process”

EPC QA/QC Manager

Testimonial 4

“No surprises. It’s easy to detect delays early on”

Project Manager

Testimonial 3

“$3,000,000 in time savings on our construction project”

O&G Commissioning Manager

Testimonial 2

“CeMIC is a game changer for the industry”

O&G Document Controller

Testimonial 1

“The most advanced way to digitize punchlist”

Division Commissioning Manager

A new way to manage your EPC projects.

From the field, the office or the lounge of an airport, sign certificates, check on the project progress & spot late items. Completion and Commissioning have never bee so easy.

Key Benefits

Immediate cost savings

Spend more time in the field as opposed to administrating in the office.

Dramatically reduce printing, scanning and storing paper.

Cost saving as a multiple of your investment.

On Time Project Delivery

Real- time project status, no surprises.

Spot issues and to-do work at a glance

Tailor made dashboards for micro and macro analysis

Quality & Accountability

Create clear accountability and improve communication with all parties.

Enforcing of procedures through process flows.

Take decisions on real-time data, not gut feel.

CeMIC is aligned with the way you work

Fits your workflow
Cemic offers a flexible workflow that has been proven in large engineering and construction projects. Workflow stages, signatory requirements, approvals, and project checkpoints are configured by our team of analysts to fit your needs.
Software integration

Cemic can interface with many existing software systems through its import/export features.

Cemic fits into most existing workflows without disruption to existing IT systems.

Customization is also available to meet specific software integration requirements.

Project Support & Training
Cemic implementations include professional services. Worldwide on-site training is available, and telephone support in several languages is provided with a service level agreement that meets your project requirements.
Self Administration

Cemic can be managed by your team for all routine tasks such as adding, removing users, assigning inspection forms, and issuing work completion certificates.

Cemic software is provided as a service through the web and mobile apps. Your team does not require servers or IT involvement.