CEMIC Mobile and Web App

CeMIC is a web and mobile application for off-line completion and commissioning.

Our cloud-based solution eliminates lengthy paperwork by digitising: check sheets, punch management & the certification process.

CeMIC provides real-time information, clear accountability and saves thousands of man-hours in administrative tasks. We are trusted by blue-chip companies: EPCM, Contractors, and Owner/Operators. We are proud to assist them in delivering their project on-time


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Minutes saved per check sheets


Time saved for Defect Management

CEMIC is proven in the field

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Access to offline documents

Relevant documents and drawings related to each inspection can be attached to each inspection.

They will be available offline on the tablet.

Digital Forms

Check sheets are filled on the tablet even while being offline. CeMIC respects your standard operation procedure (such as signature workflow). The data is stored in a secured and private cloud. On CeMIC web application, the completed forms are downloadable in PDF format.

Defect Management

Punches are raised, assigned and closed from the tablet. Non-conformities follow a defined validation workflow. In a single glance,

With CeMIC, users have access to all the information related to the punch This information includes date, time, user ID, defect description, photos before and after closure. Using the web application an administrator has the ability to reject a punch, leaving a remark in the audit trail.

The web application have extensive filtering capabilities and can be used to narrow down an area of interest. For the one who prefers excel, all punchlist are downloadable as xls files.

Walk Down Inspections

Conduct inspections with your contractor or client, raise and close punches. The system automatically generates the documentation such as Master Punchlist or Certificates.

CeMIC respects your Walk Down workflow. And ensure you have the minimum remaining punches before starting an inspection with your client.

CEMIC keeps the office in sync

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Certificate Management

At a glance, monitor the certification status of each System or Package. It’s easy to view whether something is awaiting approval.

Certificate editing and signing can be done on the web. No need to run after your staff or clients for their signatures anymore


Keep track of your performances and outstanding tasks.

Project Management can monitor the commissioning progress, in details and at all times. The latest information is also downloadable in xls files.

Improve communication and transparency by giving a specific access to your contractors and clients.

Use our standard dashboard and landing page, or ask us to customise some for you.

Self Administration

Your independence is important. This is why our solution is designed to be self-administred.

We will train an admin within your organisation. It’s straight forward and doesn’t require specific IT knowledge.

You will be able to add, modify users and their rights as well as other project Master Data.

At the same time, your team can rely on us for phone and email support.

Project Set-Up

Import your project information (such as TAG list) and organise your systems/packages within CeMIC.

You may then issue checksheet templates yourself and associate desired equipment tags.

Then, prepare your packages by selecting the responsible contractor and attaching documents that you would like to see available offline.


Every company is different, we understand that you may have unique process requirements.

CeMIC can be customized extensively to fit your needs.

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