Mobilizing the next generation of EPC projects: 


  • Shorten schedules and reduce costs by reducing redundancy in commissioning & start-up processes. 
  • Improve handovers by guaranteeing the integrity and quality of documentation and asset deliverables to owner/operator specifications. 
  • Ensure asset preservation by conducting paperless preservation lists from mobile devices, saving administration time while increasing response time and accountability. 
  • Reduce gaps between Owner-Supplier-Contractor by increasing transparency, accuracy, and accountability. 

Commissioning and handover

  • Reduce Project Risk by enforcing safety processes, tracking quality, and resolving defects.
  • Minimize construction delays due to lagging information and late rework.
  • Optimize productivity between teams by sharing data and work status in the field.
  • Track module fabrication progress directly from contractor yards as work is completed.
  • Resolve failed inspections quicker during mechanical completion by instantly communicating instructions and photos to work crew through mobile apps.
  • Dashboards track completion of tasks, punches and systems across multiple sites and projects.